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Dear Honolulu Residential A Taxpayer, I encourage you to take the time, less than an hour, to file this appeal.

On the links below, you will find the blank form for filing an appeal, a sample appeal form and a sample attachment challenging the legality of the Residential A property tax classification.  If upheld your property would be assigned to the residential class with the lower residential rate (currently 0.35 of 1%).  In line (2) of the form enter “Residential” which is the class to which you will be assigned if the appeal is successful. You should refer to the Assessment notice when completing the form. You will need to add the taxpayer’s name and tax key number to the word document (attachment to the appeal), and to the appeal form, complete and sign the form, enclose a check for $25 and deliver or mail by Thursday January 15, 2015 to the Kapolei office or at the main office downtown at

Real Property Assessment Division

842 Bethel Street, Basement

Honolulu, HI 96813

 With this sample form and attachment, you are not challenging the Assessed Value however the form has a requirement that you indicate the amount you believe is correct for your property in the second box. If you also elect to challenge the Assessed value you need to check the first box, enter the amount you believe the parcel to be worth and any justification you have completed by the 15th. Review the website for information challenging the assessed value. You could also spend another $25 and submit a separate appeal on the Assessed Value.

Please review this sample form and attachment with your advisers and share this email with other owners and property managers so that the largest number of taxpayers appeal this tax classification.

Here is the link to the City website for a filing instructions;

Email or call if you have any questions, Mahalo!


Schuyler Lucky Cole, CEO

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