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Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals

TEAM manages a variety of rentals from small apartments to large beachfront homes on the North Shore, East Shore, West Shore and central Oahu. Team also manages offices and stores for rent in the Makaha Marketplace. Most of our Long Term Rentals require a 1 year lease. Unless our listing specifically states “PETS Negotiable”, no pets are allowed. You can view a list of our properties currently available by clicking on the links at the top of this page. If you find a property that may fit your needs, give us a call at 808-637-3507 (North & East Shores) or 808-695-0227 (West Shore and Central Oahu) and we will gladly provide you more details and set up a showing.


Pay your rent online by clicking on the button below.  If this is your first time, use your email on file to create an account.

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Please note that there is a charge in the amount of $2.95 for E-check and $3.1% for credit card payments (subject to change). You may set up 1 time or recurring payments.

Call us at 808-637-3507 if you have any questions.

Looking for a rental?

Browse our list of available properties at our View Available Rentals page.

Once you find the property you like, call or email us to schedule a showing. If you like what you see, you can apply online by clicking the link inside the listing for the rental you saw.

It’s our goal to process your application as quickly as possible. In order to expedite the process, please make sure you have answered all questions, include current phone numbers for all your references and provide proof of income (last 2 pay stubs). Our application process usually takes two business days from the time we receive the completed application. It may take longer if we are unable to reach your references.

Tenant Selection Policy

We work for the property owner and our obligation is to find the best possible candidate while being fair and objective to all prospective candidates.  Our office tenant selection policy is based on three criteria:

Credit History: We will review your credit report and you need to have a minimum beacon score of 670 points with no derogatory remarks such as late payments, accounts under collection, charge-offs, etc.

Verifiable Source of Income: You must  provide a verifiable source of income that is at least twice the rental amount for the duration of your lease.   Include your last 2 pay stubs or LES with your application. If you are self employed, please provide your last 2 GET filings.  Retired or independently wealthy, you will need to provide written proof.

Rental History: You must provide us at least two positive rental references.   Make sure your previous landlord contact information is current.

If you don’t meet our criteria, consideration of your application will be done on an exception basis; this may require a cosigner on the lease and is contingent upon reviewing your application with the owner of the property and the owner’s willingness to make an exception.

We reserve the right to not process an application. Credit information is held in strict confidence and will be provided to the applicant upon request for a $20 fee.

Moving to Hawaii

If you are planning to move to Hawaii, we recommend that you monitor our list of available rentals so you can become familiar with the type of housing that is typically available on Oahu. It is our policy that you personally preview the property you are interested in before we enter into a rental agreement. You need to be in Hawaii before securing a long-term rental with us. We recommend that you rent a short-term rental for your first month here. This provides you the time to find a permanent home that meets your needs.   You can view a list of our available short-term rentals by clicking here

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